LMAX Exchange
At LMAX Exchange we use LVM for snapshotting volumes for two use cases 1. Take a snapshot of a slave database so it can catch up quickly while the work happens on the snapshotted volume. 2. Backups in case we need to roll back. Every now and then in our CI environment as we soak tested the integration of this with our in house deployment tool – scotty - we found that we would get a merge error.
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Building great stuff fast I’ll be writing some posts over the coming weeks about how we run our technology department including the processes and procedures we use to keep moving fast but continue to work within our regulatory constraints and the demands we put upon ourselves for operational excellence. This post will be covering how we get things done in IT using an agile mentality with minimal process. The People Before talking about stories, iterations and retrospectives (processes) or boards and cards (tools) let us stop to consider the people.
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