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What started as a simple bug reported soon caused a pair of developers to question maths itself.
14 min read
The best thing coverage can tell you is that code is unused, and should therefore be deleted.
5 min read
After a move to new hardware and a new kernel, a pair of hosts in two of our production environments started seeing out of order traffic. Had we set something up wrong, or was the hardware/kernel change the cause?
9 min read
Our new production exchange recently produced an impossible looking NullPointerException. At the same time, we saw another application in the same deployment throw an OutOfMemoryError. Both problems turned out to have the same root cause. This post tells the story of how we found that out.
13 min read
A section on our big office whiteboard has this mysterious series of markings on it: How did it get there? What does it mean?
6 min read